Tracking Notification Countdown

I have good news and “meh” news.

Today was originally supposed to be the last day that Keith would be allowed to pick up the letter from his post office before it would be returned to sender (me).  However, even though he still hasn’t picked it up yet (meh part 1), because I was able to electronically request that it be re-shipped on June 9th, the updated “last day for pick-up” has been extended to June 21st (this would be the “good” news).  Sort of.  It’s also slightly “meh part 2” because this whole process is taking waaaaay longer than I originally thought it would.

I reached out to Meredith a couple days ago to give her a status update and to brainstorm what could be done.  We decided on her calling Keith to give him a heads up that he has an important package waiting for him at the post office.  I asked that she not disclose the contents, but just convey that it was important/only for his eyes.

I wonder if he knows.  Or maybe his memory is just as awful as mine?  Coin toss.

Anyway, Meredith did reach out and left a voice message this past Monday (today is Wednesday).  Earlier today, she said she’d try again.


Honestly, none of this comes at completely excellent timing given that there are a few unrelated crises happening at the moment, but maybe this delayed response is the universe’s way of factoring all that in.

I also can’t help but remain keenly aware that this Sunday is Father’s Day, the same day that I began this journey, in earnest, with my first post.  Yet, I’m also reminded of the main message of that post, that as I seek to uncover and connect with the biological roots of “who I also am”, I am already firmly planted in the knowledge of who my DAD is–the man who raised and consistently loved me every single day of the past 32 years.  My “father” may be someone different, and that relationship has its own significance and meaning in the world of human connection, but this fact in no way takes away from the clarity of who in my life this upcoming holiday was first and foremost meant to celebrate.  I hope to one day be able to celebrate a different type of meaningful relationship with my biological father as well–in one way shape or form–but this will simply be in addition to the enormous blessing of having my Dad, my hero, in my life.


Are you there?