When Coffee Calls

Holy Moly.

I got a message from Meredith today letting me know that she had spoken with Christy, and Darren’s test results came up.  Now Christy knows that Keith is our biological father, and she is our biological Aunt.

And apparently she wants to meet me!  Christy is going to be in the Philadelphia area TOMORROW, then she’s taking a flight from Philly to Ireland at 8pm.  She wants to try to meet up with me over coffee before then.  Meredith gave me Christy’s phone number again and her email address, and asked that I email Christy with a summary of the DNA information that I’ve been collecting, and to give her a call about meeting.

I quickly put together the DNA evidence and family tree connections I had gathered so far, explaining it in as straight-forward (but comprehensive) a manner that I could, then passed it along.  Then I sent her a text message about meeting up, because I’m a wuss.  Meredith nicely encouraged that I give her a call, haha.  About an hour later, I did.  Voicemail!  Not so bad.  I explained that I had tickets to go to a wine festival the next day with a friend at 1pm, but that if she wasn’t able to meet up before then, I could always meet up with my friend afterward.

Around 9pm, she called me back.  She was still on the road on her way to Philly with her husband, but she let me know where she’d be staying so that I could look up coffee shops nearby.  I’m supposed to call back tomorrow early afternoon so that we can finalize a place and time!  I found the closest coffee shop to where she’ll be staying that I could, since it sounds like she’s going to need to get a ride from her cousin who she’s staying with (according to Meredith, these are cousins on Christy’s mother’s side, so additional “new” cousins of mine as well!)  Maybe I’ll end up meeting her too?  Who knows.

Anyway, I still haven’t written that letter to Keith, mostly because I have NO idea how to even start it, but maybe that will be a non-issue depending upon how this first meeting with Christy goes?

Breathe.  Breathe.

Faith. Hope. Love.

Are you there?